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October 04 1963, Frankfurt TV (I hale audios from this show)

“Bye Bye Bird”
Vocal and harmonica

“So Sad To Be Lonesome”
Vocal and harmonica with Memphis Slim (piano); M. T. [AKA Matt “Guitar] Murphy (Electric guitar);  and Billie Stepney (drums)

Late 1963, Tonight (U. K. BBC TV Program) London, England
[There was an interview by Cliff Michelmore, the resident host.]

[unknown song]
[unknown band]

Late 1963, Tonight (U. K. BBC TV Program) London, England       
[There was an interview.] There was almost certainly another appearance on the Tonight show within two weeks either side of the above.

[unknown song]
[unknown band]


31 May 1964  – BBC(?) Television Show with Chris Barber, Live Free Trade Hall in Manchester (England)

“Help Me”
Vocal and harmonica  with Pat Halcox, trumpet; Chris Barber, trombone and bass; Ian Wheeler, clarinet; Eddie Smith, banjo; Dick Smith, bass; Graham Burbidge, drumes
Vocal and harmonica only -1;
Ottilie Patterson, 2nd vocal; -2. .

“C Jam Blues [instrumental”]              

“So Sad to be Lonesome”     

“Walk With Me Baby”

“Bye Bye Bird (Bird, I’m goin’)”

“Your Funeral and My Trial” -1

Pontiac Blues” & encore

“When the Saints go Marchin’ In”

“This Little Light of Mine” -2              

“Saints” [inst reprise]

A film "Tempo: The Blues Came Walkin'", 1964, Recorded in October 1964 at the Free Trade
Hall, Manchester, during the 3rd American Folk Blues Festival.

Denmark  October 3, 1964, film backyard of the old Monmartre Club in Copenhagen,
“In My Little Room” [“Lonesome Cabin”]
Vocal and harmonica

“It Ain't But My Way Out” [One Way Out?]

November 9, 1964 --Beat Room, London, England
[Available from BBC.] [This may have been filmed for the above show or simply another film of “Lonesome Cabin”.]
Monday 9th November 1964
BBC2 The Beat Room 7:30 - 8:00 pm
The Beach Boys, Troy Dante and the Infernos,
Sonny Boy Williamson, The Beat Merchants,
Peter and the Headliners, Westward Pop And Leslie
, TWW Discs A Go-Go
BBC2's The Beat Room - billed as "30 minutes of non-stop beat and shake" - delved more deeply into the R&B music that Ready Steady Go! helped to popularise. It featured a range of blues artists from both sides of the Atlantic, including Sonny Boy Williamson, Little Walter, Chris Farlowe and Long John Baldry

“Lonesome Cabin”
Vocal and harmonica

One Way Out” (?)

November 16, 1964 -- Unbroadcast Granada TV show, Studio 6, Granada Studios, Manchester, England. Made for Granada TV by Phillip Casson and John Hamp

Vocal and harmonica, [accompaniment unknown, probably the Five Dimensions]

 December 22, 1964Day by Day, Southampton, England. U. K. Southern news magazine

Tuesday 22nd December 1964
Rediffusion The Five O
Clock Club
Susan Maughan, Des And Dave,
Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames,
Channel Now! Look! Hear!,
Southern Day By Day
Sonny Boy Williamson interview
Vocal and harmonica, [accompaniment unknown]

January 8, 1965– Ready, Steady. Go, ATV Studios, London England.U. K. ATV Broadcasts, Directed by Elkan Allen

EPISODE 76. Rediffusion ITV: Ready Steady Go!  
-Cilla Black ("You've Lost that Lovin' Feelin'");
-The Rockin' Berries ("What in the World's Come Over You"); -Sonny Boy Williamson
Vocal and harmonica, [accompaniment unknown]

Early 1965 – Hullabaloo, ATV Studios, London England. U. K. ATV Broadcast

Vocal and harmonica with unknown British Group (piano, guitar, bass & drums) [rumored to be The Yardbirds.]

Late January 1965 – Unissued Danish TV Show, “3 Falke Center,” Copenhagen, Denmark -- Late January 1964             

“Bye Bye Bird”
Vocal and harmonica; Sunnyland Slim (piano); Hubert Sumlin, (electric guitar); Willie Dixon (bass); Clifton James (drums)

“In My Younger Days”



                        KING BISCUIT TIME, a silent film
Robert Junior Lockwood, Sonny Boy Williamson, 1942, time 4 minutes

Sonny Boy Williamson, Peck Curtis, all the band KBT, 1952, 
time 12 minutes


September 29, 1963 -- Jazzprisma / BRT2     Brussels, Belgium, 12.48
“I'm A Lonely Man”

“Keep It To Yourself”

“Your Funeral and My Trial”

“Bye Bye Bird”

October  1963 – 1963 American Folk  Blues Festival Baden-Baden, Germany,     21.15
“Nine Below Zero”

“Intro to Lonnie Johnson”

“Black Snake Blues”

“Got My Mojo Workin’”

“Bye Bye Blues”

December 18, 1963 – “I Hear The Blues”Granada TV, 7.01                                      
“Keep It To Yourself”

“Bye Bye Baby” (with entire cast)

December 21, 1963 “Hullabaloo”, ABC TV, London, 6.29. RARE AND UNISSUED transferred from a 16mm print and the pictures are on the dark side, but the sound quality is excellent.
“Don’t start me to talking”

“Baby’s coming home”

A clip from a movie "Where Has Poor Mickey Gone" 

Unknown data and place, recorded by Bob Koester of Jazz Record Mart and Delmark records of Chicago. I have only 6.27 silent footage. RARE AND UNISSUED see youtube

Unknown data and place, Sam Lay Home’s Movies. 
Cutting available from DVD “Howlin’ Wolf Story” about 1.31 min.

September 28 to 30, 1964, 1964 American Folk Blues Festival, Baden-Baden, Germany, 12.52
“Bye Bye Bird”

[Short interview with Joachim Berendt,

“In My Younger Days”

“Careless Love”

Denmark  October 3, 1964, film backyard of the old Monmartre Club in Copenhagen, 3.36. (extract Faces In Jazz) RARE AND UNISSUED
“In My Little Room” [“Lonesome Cabin”]

October 22, 1964 – “Tempo: The Blues Came Walkin’”, Free Trade Hall, Manchester, England, 10.49
“Bye Bye Bird”, “Intro to The Band”

“Getting’ Out Of Town”, “Intro to Big Willie Dixon”

Dec 9, 1964, (no  1963) -- Stockholm Sweden, Danish TV Broadcast, subsequently released as "Sonny Boy Williamson" a film 
“When I’m Gone” (“Tell Me Baby”)

“Come On In This House” (You’re My Baby”) (“It’s Rainin’ Outdoors Baby”)

“Goin’ Back Home”
“Hope You Enjoyed My Play”